disillusioned with Hollywood, defected to San Francisco in the 1990’s, began the pursuit of fine art & illusion full time.

b. July 1951,  Kansas City

Raised on the banks of the Missouri river afforded Will Combs a lyrical, imaginative and mischievous childhood.
1969 graduated high school in Kansas, attended Woodstock.
Stripped of athletic scholarship at Arizona State University, he shifted to their school of Architecture, studying with Paolo Soleri.
1972 left college to travel in Europe and live in Mexico. 
1973 Centro Artistiche, Boissano, Italy. study of painting. 
1974 Vigil de Cruz fellowship, Oaxaca, Mexico. printmaking.
1975 resumed college at UC Santa Cruz, awarded BA degrees in fine art and motion picture, with a minor in history of consciousness.
1976-87  Telluride (Colorado) Film Festival. manager.
1979 to present,  cameraman and documentary filmmaker, projects include award winning films and ethnographic studies of the Lacandon Maya of Chiapas, santeria' of Marianoa Cuba,  beat era poets of San Francisco's North Beach and Kwakuitl totem carvers of Haida Gwai.  
1983 designed theater sets for Kafka's Metamorphosis off-Broadway.
1984 settled in Hollywood, toiled on about 20 feature films in various capacities; as draftsman, carpenter, set designer, art director, and eventually as production designer.
Noteworthy efforts include Invaders from Mars, Disorderlies, Rented Lips and Bad Influence
disillusioned with Hollywood, defected to San Francisco in the 90's, began the pursuit of painting and the act of creating full time.

san jose museum of art
jeanneret gallery, geneva, switzerland
di rosa art preserve, napa
steve tisch, new york
brian gilbert, middlesex uk
mario puzo estate, long island
robert m. eversz, barcelona
elvis costello. nyc
dr. nancy ascher, san francisco

fiona jackson, vancouver b.c.
george gund III estate, san francisco
unifrance films, hollywood
ernesto rancano estate, havana, cuba
b.r. cohn winery, glen ellen
imagery estate winery, glen ellen
the baum foundation, san francisco
simon blattner, sonoma